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Benefits of Outsourcing

v      Faster Payment turn around time which increases cash flow

v      No billing department employee salaries, taxes or other paid benefits to pay

v      Free up valuable staff time to focus on the patient’s rather than sitting on the phone with insurance companies.

v      Requires no staff training or retraining

v      Eliminate costly software and hardware support fees

v      Eliminate postage and forms purchasing expenses

v      Complete confidentiality & security of your patient data

v      Personalized and comprehensive support for your staff

v      All billing inquiries are handled in our office via a direct toll free patient access line, which frees up your telephone lines.

v      We stay current with billing and procedure guidelines

v      We serve as an experienced advisor regarding all billing concerns and act as a liaison to the insurance companies on your behalf

v      We cater to meet your needs

Did you know?

v      The American Medical Association estimates each paper claim costs providers $7 to $12 in direct expenses

v      Less than 1% of electronic claims are rejected

v      Insurance carries spend $19 billion annually processing paper claims

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